3 Things to Consider When Getting an 8 Watch Winder Box For The First Time

8 Watch Winder Box

The watch winder box is one of many essential accessories that any watch collector must-have. Besides maintaining your beloved timepieces, a watch winder is an excellent addition to display your collection. If you’re a beginner watch collector, getting a watch winder is a huge step up that you can take. So, here are the things to consider when getting an 8 watch winder box.


Do you like being able to carry all of your watches? Or do you prefer displaying your watch on a stationary device? You should ask these questions when getting your first automatic watch winder box. If you want to carry around your watches, consider getting a portable watch winder. However, if you like to display your timepieces in your home, consider getting a single cupboard-sized watch winder that can accommodate all of your collections.


There are different watch winder materials available. Two of the most popular 8 watch winder box are wood and carbon fiber. The former will give a rustic and classy look to your collection, but they’re typically larger and heavier. On the other hand, the carbon fiber watch winder is lighter and more durable. But they’re considerably more expensive.


Size can be a determining factor when getting a watch winder box. A bigger watch winder usually has 10 to 20 watch slots. These watch winders are typically sold as safes or special cupboards with additional drawers for jewelry. On the other hand, smaller watch winder boxes usually consist of one to eight watch slots. This type of winder is more compact and portable, which is suitable for a tabletop display piece.

So, those are several things to consider when you’re getting your first 8 watch winder box. Ultimately, your watch winder selections should be based on the size of your collections and the primary function of the device itself. Luckily, with different available specifications, you don’t have to worry about finding a watch winder that suits your needs.

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