3 Differences Between Placing Automatic Watches in a Non-Rotate Box and Recommended Watch Winder

recommended watch winder

You may get confused about why some automatic watch owners are looking for a recommended watch winder. Why don’t they put the watches in the package box? This article explains the differences between putting automatic watches on a non-rotate watch box and a watch winder box. 

Accuracy of the Watches 

The first difference between putting automatic watches in a non-rotate box and a watch winder is the accuracy of the watches. Slowly but surely, the watches on a non-rotate box will stop working. As a result, you have to set the watch features manually when you want to use it. 

On the other hand, a watch winder box has a system that keeps your watch working well even when you don’t use it. It means that the watch features are accurate. You can also use the watch anytime you want. 


Another difference when placing automatic in a non-rotate box and a watch winder is the protection system. A non-rotate box often doesn’t have any extra protection feature, especially if using traditional watch boxes. 

It is too risky when you love to collect high-end automatic watches. A recommended watch winder has an extra protection system, such as a security lock or even a fingerprint. A specific product, such as Fusion by Billstone has a fingerprint system to protect your high-end watches while winding them in the box. 


Putting high-end automatic watches in an ordinary box is too risky, especially if you often stack items. The box can be easily dented. Your watches are safer when placing them in a winder box. This box is made from high-quality materials that are more durable even if you stack them with other packages.

The explanation above helps enough to ensure buying one of the winder boxes from the recommended watch winder. Then, you can focus on maintaining the watches and adding more new collections.  

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